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a straight bite can stop poor dental health later in life

Children's Dentistry

At Dentistry @ Markethill we love to see children smile! We can help you to look after your child's teeth and prevent dental disease. We offer a full assessment of your child's oral health needs.

Our dental therapist, who specialises in children's care, will tailor a preventative and treatment programme using the most modern materials and techniques for a healthy growing smile. Fluoride applications and fissure sealants (tooth coloured sealants) are applied to biting surfaces of children's teeth to prevent decay. We believe dentistry should be a positive experience for all the family and place great emphasis on making visits to the dentist relaxed, friendly and fun.

Teaching your child to brush their teeth properly is very important.

early intervention is better with crooked teeth

"I wish I'd looked after my teeth when I was young."

Don't we wish we had been born with hindsight!

Our aim is for children in our practice to grow up with great teeth and the knowledge to help them keep their teeth for life.

We encourage families to come for a check-up and meet our team of dental professionals who will be happy to discuss all aspects of a child's dental care from tooth brushing to orthodontics (straightening).

We invite you to join us and work together to give the whole family something to smile about!

Good brushing technique for children

You should brush your teeth for 2 minutes and follow the technique below.

Brushing children's teeth

kids fun and childrens dentistry in northern ireland

Colouring in fun!

Download and print off any of our fun colouring pages below at home. Have lots of fun colouring it and remember to bring it in with you to your next appointment to recieve a goodie bag.

we want to make sure kids have fun at their dental appointments
childrens dentistry in a fun way
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My kids have no fear

Cathy has been looking after my two children’s and my own teeth for several years. I find herself and Jill extremely pleasant, reassuring and easy to talk to. Cathy has always given great advice and continues to praise the children and myself for looking after their teeth.

Her professionalism, dedication and client care was outstanding whenever my older child had an accident and knocked her tooth out. She acted in a kind, reassuring and concerned manner which I so appreciated at this stressful time.

My kids have no fear attending regular check-ups, most likely due to Cathy and Jill’s friendly manner.
K Lonergan

braces can stop your child being teased about crooked teeth

Children's Orthodontics

Armagh dentists

All children receive a full orthodontic assessment of the appearance and spacing of their teeth and this is reviewed at each routine examination. Where appropriate, the treatment options for improving a child’s smile using braces will be discussed.

Why might your child need orthodontic treatment and/or braces?

  • to improve the appearance of the teeth and face
  • to improve the health of the teeth and gums
  • to make it easier to eat
  • if a child is being teased about the appearance of their teeth.

Fixed Braces



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