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Before Crown Treatment

unsightly teeth before crowns

After Crown Treatment

good crown work can be impossible to tell apart from your natural teeth



A crown is an artificial tooth-like cap that either fits over a natural tooth root or can be held in Place by an implant. The preparation for the crown is carried out by your dentist and the crown itself is constructed by a dental technician. This normally takes about 2 weeks to construct before your dentist cements the crown in place.


Crowns restore the appearance and function of teeth which have been compromised as a result of:

  • Discoloured or very large fillings
  • Severely broken down or worn teeth
  • Teeth that have not grown properly with an unattractive colour or shape
  • After a root filling to protect the remaining tooth
  • Crowns may also be used to facilitate other treatments such as holding a denture in place.



One of the oldest materials to make a crown from is gold. They are hard wearing, fit accurately but obviously the disadvantage if the metal appearance which can be gold or silver in appearance.

Tooth coloured crowns have a more natural appearance and this can be provided by using tooth coloured porcelain or all ceramic crowns.



  • Fusing tooth coloured porcelain onto a metal base – similar to providing a tooth coloured layer over a metal crown. The metal base can either be made of precious metals like gold and palladium which have the benefit of causing less irritation to the gums and will corrode and therefore leak less than the cheaper alternative of non-precious metals which are usually alloys of base metals that contain nickel
  • All-ceramic crowns – these are metal free crowns and with the newer materials give excellent appearance and strength. The added benefit if that some of the materials can be bonded to the natural tooth chemically using very strong adhesive cements – examples are Empress, Emax, Lava and Zirconium crowns.Crowns may also be used to facilitate other treatments such as holding a denture in place.
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